There Will Be Blood : A movie with one of the greatest performances given by Daniel Day Lewis

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The movie is about a cunning and ruthless oil prospector named Daniel Plainview .The movie is set around 1890’s and early 19 hundreds when American oil industry was booming. The movie shows how he shifts to a new place to claim a great land which produced lots of oil along with showing how hateful and cunning he is .


Its is a Drama movie from 2007 which is loosely based on the novel Oil! by Upton Sinclair.

The movie is Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who has directed other great movies like The Master, Phantom Thread ,Magnolia .The director perfectly portrays the time period of the late 18 hundreds and the early 19 hundreds perfectly allowing to set up the perfect atmosphere for the plot of the movie .

The movie has as very great background score which pitches in the most thrilling and the most perfect times in the movie amplifying the feels and the emotions of the shot .The story constantly unravels and does the job of keeping us interested throughout by adding depth to the characters with each passing scenes .

The movie boasts a great cast consisting of Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis who also won an Oscar for his acting in this movie as Daniel Plainview. The movie also stars the underrated Paul Dano who also gives an incredible performance playing Eli Sunday with his sometimes calm and sometimes extreme demeanor .Dillon Freasier ,Ciarán Hinds and many more also give great performances which heighten the experience of the movie .

The movie is really great with a great story and incredible performances by the actors backing it .



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