The Woman In The Window

A great Psychological Thriller which pays ode to the classics of the genre



Its is a story about an Agoraphobic woman who never leaves her home due to her phobia .Movie begins when the Russels move in to the house in front of her and she notices something which she shouldn’t have about which none of the people whom she tells about this believe her .


The movie is a Psychological Thriller based on a novel of the same name written by A.J. Finn .

The movie is Directed by Joe Wright who also has directed great adaptations of book like Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina and other great films like The Darkest Hour . He does a great job in this film by embracing the core of the adapted book and the psychological genre .He takes inspiration a lot form the the classic thriller movie like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Vertigo and even David Fincher’s cinematography style.

The movie boasts a great cinematography best suited for the genre . The colour pallet used makes it a great viewing and perfectly compliments all the intense scenes .The camera work done is also great. The movie also brings in a vibe of horror movie at times with a couple of jump scares keeping you at the edge of the seat throughout . The plot twist is also perfectly executed which would take the audience by surprise who haven’t read the book yet with great timing and perfect delivery .

The movie has a star studded cast consisting of Amy Adams who plays the lead role and gives a stunning performance as an agoraphobic patient .The other members of the cast are Gary Oldman ,Julianne Moore ,Anthony Mackie, Fred Hechinger ,Wyatt Russell ,Brian Tyree Henry and many more who have a comparatively shorter role in the movie to Amy Adams who is the lead ,but give a great performance overall bringing in more depth and beauty to the story .

It is overall great to see a good psychological thriller movie directed by someone other than David Fincher even with the great similarities the movie has with his style of work .The movie is a great watch overall with great story and plot twist at the centre of it.



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