The Magnificent Seven: A Great Western/Action Movie with an Incredible Cast



The move is set in the late 1800 in the wild wild west consisting of gunslingers bounty hunters and outlaws. The movie is about a town Rose creek where the are oppressed by a rich miner for their land .The residents seek the help of an officer who builds a team of outlaws and gunslingers and defends the people of the town .


It is a great action movie on the wild wild west with long action sequences explosions and gunfights. The movie is fast paced with great camera work and a unique background score.

The cast is great with the likes of Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke .The actors performance is good and do justice to the setting and pace of the movie. The actors also do not fail to bring in their signature styles into the movie which make the movie more fun .

The movies pace is perfect for the action sequences which keep you glued to the screens and never let you get bored. Some of the plot and events of the movie are a bit predictable but it also has some surprises stored in there for you with some unexpected turns.

The movie in overall very good and is a good wild west action flick.



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