The Killing of a Sacred Deer: A very underrated Horror/Thriller



The movie follows the story of a cardiologist who has a very happy and content household .But this happiness is disrupted by a external guy who has some relation to the cardiologist who has menacing plans for the family which leads various problems and difficult decisions for the family.


The movie is of the genre Horror/Thriller which perfectly transitions between the both at times.

The Director Yorgos Lanthimos who also has directed other movies like Dogtooth and The Lobster ,has perfectly executed a very good and different with perfectly timed shots and long pauses a the right time inducing fear and anxiety simultaneously .

The movie takes perfectly timed pauses throughout the movie which do a great job of keeps us at the edge of our seats and keeping us in the loop of what to expect and what’s going on . The soundtrack has a menacing and horrific feel to it which amplifies the the scenes .The camera work in the movie is very good ,with the slow zoom-ins ,etc.

The cast consisting of Colin Farrell ,Nicole Kidman ,Barry Keoghan ,Raffey Cassidy ,Sunny Suljic and many more do their respective characters justice through their flawless acting .Even the younger cast do a great job working perfectly with experienced actors like Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell.

It is a very good and different movie which is perfect for the people who like thriller as well horror movies and is worth a watch .



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