Sicario : A extreme crime thriller with best cinematography.



The movie follows a FBI operative who is recruited for a Special team who are trying to stop the head of the drug cartel in America who lives in Mexico as a leader with extreme power .The movie follows the whole operation to find the head of the cartel .


It is a stunning crime thriller which keeps you at the edge of your seats the whole movie .The movie is pretty dark in the aspects of human death and cruelty.

The story is pretty amazing doing justice to the crime thriller genre.

The casting is very string with Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro ,Josh Brolin , Daniel Kaluuya and many more stunning actors who give an awesome performance .

The direction by Denis Villeneuve is amazing capturing all the important aspects of the movie and giving more depth to it . The cinematography of the movie is exceptionally good in the movie .

It is a must watch movie with a stunning story and exceptional direction and cinematography



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