Philadelphia :Breakthrough role for Tom Hanks



The movie is about a homosexual AIDS patient who fights against the firm for who he worked for ,for firing him from his job as a hardworking lawyer at the firm for having AIDS and being a homosexual. The movie shows how the patient and his representing lawyer fight against the firm in the court trying to get justice.


It is a great courtroom drama which has a great social message and trust about the society in it .

The movie has a great great story with excellent character development which makes us fall in love them. The characters have a complex and different ideologies which is shown in great depth in the movie.

The movie has a great cast which include Tom Hanks ,Denzel Washington ,Antonio Banderas and other great actors which justify the great depth of the characters with their stunning and beautiful performance in the movie .

The movie all in all is very great and is worth a watch .



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