Peanut Butter Falcon a Feel Good Movie to Watch when Sad



The movie is about a guy with Down Syndrome who wants to meet his idol who is a wrestler and aspires to be like him .The movie show is journey to his idol where he makes friend with an outlaw who cares for him and travels along with him while teaching him how to wrestle and fight .


It is an indie adventure/comedy movie which is gives you happy vibes while and after watching it .It is a beautiful movie which uplifts you .

The movie stars Shia LeBeouf coming in after his rehab ,Dakota Johnson playing the supporting role ,Zack Gottsagen who plays the main character and John Bernthal and many more .The stunning acting and dedication of each actors make the movie more beautiful and its characters loveable .

The movie follows a simple story ,but the epic direction ,music ,cinematography and the acting make the movie special and so stunning .

It is quiet an underrated movie worth a watch. If you liked ‘Forrest Gump’ you will love this movie .



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