JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH : Movie with Great story and greater performance by the actors

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2 min readMay 6, 2021



The movie is about a undercover FBI agent Bill O’Neal infiltrating the Black Panther Party situated in Chicago which was set to liberate the black community in the 1960’s and 1970’s lead by Fred Hampton who was also known as the Black Messiah . The movie shows the life of Bill and Fred after the infiltration and follows it through as the FBI try to break and stop the Black Panther Party.


The movie is a great Historical Drama which takes inspiration from true events which took place in the the 1970’s .

The movie is Directed by Shaka King who has directed several short films and a few television series and one other movie named Newlyweeds ,but this movie was the first main stream movie directed by him. The movie being his first does a great job in almost all the aspects and captures the viewers attention throughout the movie perfectly .Even the dialogue writing is done great capturing the slang and speaking styles of the time and individual communities perfectly.

The movie does not fail to capture the racism towards the black community and perfectly captures the atmosphere and the tensions during that time .The movie pace is perfectly set .The movie does the perfect job of delivering the story of both the main characters by giving enough screen time to both the characters and telling their individual stories .

The movie has a great cast lead by Daniel Kaluuya who give a great performance playing Fred Hampton .He is supported by the great acting of others like LaKeith Stanfield ,Dominique Fishback ,Jesse Plemons and many more .The cast give a great performance and do a stunning job of capturing their characters .

The movie is one not to miss and having a great story and acting .



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