Collateral Beauty :A story about losing someone close and about Depression

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2 min readJan 19, 2021




The movie is mainly about a father who lost his daughter coping with the loss and the emotions he is going through due to the loss .The movie also shows the individual battles of each of the supporting characters in the movie who are also helping the main character in his battle .


It is a stunning drama/romance/fantasy movie which touch’s your heart with the feelings of sadness , happiness and redemption .

The movie has a great story which not only follows the main character but also gives us the insight to the individual problems and battles of all the supporting characters too. It does not fail to justify all the characters motives and also a gives a beautiful surprise in the end which makes you rewind the whole movie back in your mind.

The stunning story is supported by a great cast of Will Smith ,Edward Norton ,Michael Peña ,Keira Knightly ,Kate Winslet who deliver a great ,stunning and beautiful performance which makes you fall in love with the character.

The color tone and the lighting of the movie compliments the story and helps to portray the feelings perfectly .

It is a very underrated movie which is great and wonderful movie worth a watch .



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