A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: A very impressive movie based on a true story about the friendship Between Lloyd and Fred



The movie is true story about a journalist Lloyd Vogel who is sent to interview a TV show presenter Fred Rogers .Its shows the complex friendship they develop over the course of the movie which also helps Lloyd tackle his personal problems he has been dealing since his childhood.


It is a Drama movie which follows a true story of the friendship between Lloyd and Fred.

The movie is directed by Marielle Heller .The movie follows a TV show type theme which shows the transition between the scenes and portrays the story as if it is being presented through the TV show on which it is based upon.

The transitions are seamless and beautiful shown using the miniature town .The subtle 4th wall breaking in the movie at a few places keep you immersed in the movie .

The acting by Tom Hanks of a extremely kind-hearted Tv presenter in played perfectly .The father-son relationship portrayed in the movie by Matthew Rhys and Chris Cooper its truly remarkable. Their stunning acting is supported perfectly by the rest of the cast.

The movie shows great emotions and feeling in a very beautiful way .The movie is definitely worth watching.



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